M a k a i 

A true artist, who's skill and confidence
      in playing so commandingly." 

Makai Keur gained his passion for music from the age of 5 when he started playing piano. He found a calm in learning and mastering new instruments, 14 to date. In 2017 He jumped at the chance accepting the role of Music Director for a musical theater company and thus opened a door to his love of theater & film scoring. Makai has since penned a musical and countless scores.

        Since the start of high school, Makai has been mentored by Jim Grey, Music Director of the Nashville Pops Orchestra and head arranger/ composer for the Nashville and Oklahoma City Orchestras. While working as copyist, Makai has been able to work for such artists as Katy Perry, Steven Tyler of Arrowsmith, Josh Groban and the Presidential Inaugural Ball to name a few. He has worked with him in the studio as well as rehearsals and performances.


Jeffery Ellis- Broadway World

"Attention and Accolades heaped on

K e u r